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About Vicabel Agro Ventures

Vicabel Agro Ventures is to raise a global standard in agricultural industry hereby making a position impact on the living. We deals in Agro marketing, multi-level marketing and general marketing of Agric products. We train people on agric businesses such as crops production and animal production..

Our Mission

Operation feed the nation: To create eco-system that would reduced hungers on the living

Digital Agricultural business opportunities: At Vicabel, we allows people to practice and invest in agric business in a digital form. Investor do the farming business in his/her portal created by Vicabel Agro Ventures and make quarterly returns on his/her investment

Job Creation: We create job opportunities for youth thereby helping them to see the need for agric business

Skill Acquisition: The origin of unemployment in Nigeria can be traced back to the oil boom era of 1970s. During this period, Nigerian government and individuals abandoned skills acquisition and utilization through diversified entrepreneurship practices that have the capability to boost both individual and the country’s economic ego. Emphasis shifted from entrepreneurial practices to paper qualification which has resulted in increased unemployment in the country. The nation’s agricultural, industrial in the view of above Vicabel Agro Ventures is on the move to use agriculture tools to help increase skill of the populace.


Respect and value for local knowledge and innovations


Value for the environment and ecosystems

Creative, flexible and innovative

Quality, equality and ethics